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Posted at: 4/11/2017 3:09:47 PM

Don't wait until the last minute to get your SCECHs for recertification! We just published a new batch of 11 courses - 10 are currently available for SCECHs. Our deadline to submit to MOECS and make sure you meet the June 30th deadline is May 15th, so don't delay - get started today!

Use the links below to explore and register.

  1. Scaffolding with Research through Project Based Learning
  2. Teaching Language Arts Skills through Creation and Technology
  3. Flipped Instruction in a Blended Lower Elementary Classroom
  4. Co-teaching in the Inclusive Setting
  5. The Write Way to Student Feedback
  6. Using STEM to Teach Energy Transfer
  7. MI Excel Coaching: Module 2 – Using Data to Inform Instruction (SCECHs pending)
  8. Strategies in Science - Establishing Scientific Habits and Expectations
  9. Digital Portfolios With Weebly for Education
  10. How Engaging is Your Classroom?
  11. Teaching the Foundations of Fractions with Models

Posted at: 3/24/2017 11:35:27 AM

Do you need to get SCECHs for re-certification before June 30th? We just published eight new courses, most are available for SCECHs at no cost! 

Use the links below to explore and register.

  1. Total Participation Techniques using Technology
  2. Begin to Blend: Designing a Blended Lesson for the Elementary Classroom
  3. Student Created Questions
  4. Beginning Writers
  5. Writing Conferences: Purposeful Feedback
  6. Assessment/Technology in Physical Education
  7. Integrating STEM into Science Using a Variety of Growing Mediums
  8. Building a Bridge of Communication with Families in an Elementary Classroom

Posted at: 3/6/2017 2:26:03 PM

Eight new courses have just been published on EduPaths! Use the links below to explore and register.

  1. Screencasting to Support Student Learning
  2. Sound Boxes to Help Your Students to Improve Their Reading and Writing
  3. Flip It! - Engaged Professional Learning
  4. Classroom Management Strategies/Interactions/ Techniques
  5. Missed Manners: Grace and Courtesy for Young Children
  6. Teaching Elementary Music in One Hour Per Week
  7. Discovering the Paraeducator Professional Development Standards
  8. Introduction to Standards Based Grading Practices (Secondary)

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