What is EduPaths.org?

History of TRIG Classroom Readiness

In August 2013, the State Board of Education adopted Section 22i grant criteria that established a grant activity to build the capacity of educators at districts and ISDs to effectively plan and implement online assessments and “Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace” learning. For two years educators across the state of Michigan took part in the Teacher Training Technology (T3) course.
In spring of 2014 four goals were added to the original vision:
  • Multiple on and off ramps
  • Meet the needs of diverse learners
  • Survey to pinpoint interests and needs
  • Form sustainable network across the state of Michigan
To achieve these goals, a new course had to be set.

A New Direction

EduPaths.org was created as the result of visioning sessions with educators and organizations from all over the state of Michigan. Our goal is to connect educators to opportunities for professional learning. These opportunities support technology readiness and instructional practice. Our web based resource will:
  • Help educators identify learning interests or needs
  • Link to meaningful options for professional learning
  • Award SCECHs and Badges
  • Connect to Statewide resources and opportunities
  • Align with Continuous Cycle of School Improvement and additional frameworks
  • Create a collaboration between ISDs, REMCs, TRIG projects, and educational organizations throughout Michigan

What is EduPaths?

EduPaths is a professional development portal for ALL Michigan Educators. EduPaths courses are aligned with school improvement framework, multi tiered systems of support, and designed to expand understanding on a wide variety of topics. Courses are available online and are completely self-paced. They are intended to help educators to personalize their own learning plan any time and any place.
Another feature of EduPaths are the strategic partnerships with statewide educational organizations. Our goal is to “Help Educators Navigate their Professional Growth” through providing content and connecting content from our statewide partners.
Benefits for districts and administrators:
  • Alignment with School Improvement Framework 2.0 (SIF 2.0) provides resources that support continuous improvement. This can then become part of the SI process
  • Allows administrator to guide necessary staff development
  • Addresses diverse needs of staff through focus on instructional and/or technology opportunities
Benefits for educators:
  • Access to free professional learning opportunities
  • Provide awareness of professional learning opportunities from in region and across state
  • Provide State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs)
Future statewide benefits:
  • Provide analytics to pinpoint needs and guide creation of future professional learning throughout the state of Michigan
  • Eliminate duplication of effort
  • Digital badges
For more information, please contact EduPaths via email at edupaths@geneseeisd.org or call 810.591.4567.