Frequently Asked Questions

What is EduPaths?

EduPaths is a professional development portal for ALL Michigan Educators.  EduPaths courses are aligned with school improvement framework, multi tiered systems of support, and designed to expand understanding on a wide variety of topics.  Courses are available online and are completely self-paced. They are intended to help educators to personalize their own learning plan anytime and anyplace.

Another feature of EduPaths are the strategic partnerships with statewide educational organizations.  Our goal is to “Help Educators Navigate their Professional Growth” through providing content and connecting content from our statewide partners.

Who can access it?

EduPaths is free for any educator, childcare provider, administrator, pre-service teacher or individual that works for an educational entity in the state of Michigan.

What are the benefits?

Benefits for districts and administrators:  
  • Alignment with School Improvement Framework 2.0 (SIF 2.0) provides resources that support continuous improvement. This can then become part of the SI process.
  • Allows administrator to guide necessary staff development
  • Addresses diverse needs of staff through focus on instructional and/or technology opportunities
Benefits for educators:
  • Access to free professional learning opportunities
  • Provide awareness of professional learning opportunities from in region and across state
  • Provide State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs)
Future statewide benefits:
  • Provide analytics to pinpoint needs and guide creation of future professional learning throughout the state of Michigan
  • Eliminate duplication of effort
  • Digital badges

What makes it unique from other online course sites?

  • Access to free online courses for:
    • All preK-12 educators
    • Pre-service teachers
    • Early childhood educators
  • Self-paced: No wait times for cohorts or instructors
  • Bite-sized: Courses don’t require a large time commitment. Teachers have flexibility to take courses in small, bite-sized chunks and at a time of their choosing
  • Differentiated: Educators have the ability to decide, choose their pathways, topics, and areas of interests
  • Validated process of content
  • User friendly:
    • Clear navigation
    • Consistent navigation through courses
    • Helpful documents and video tutorials
    • Customer service hotline and email address
  • Partnerships:
    • Partnerships have been created with statewide organizations to connect educators to their existing content, in person and blended professional development.
    • Partnerships have been developed with content creators across the state of Michigan.
  • Record of Professional Learning:
    • Personalized Transcripts
    • Pilot program to offer micro-credentials (August 2016)
    • State continuing clock hours (SCECHs) for courses housed within EduPaths
  • Connections: EduPaths provides connections to statewide organizations through:
    • Providing a calendar of statewide offerings/events that lists in person, blended and online opportunities.
    • Offering a calendar event request form to connect and publicize new events.
    • Social media network of educators in Michigan to support growth/development
  • Personalized support: Ambassadors and the EduPaths team is available to support schools and districts through introductory sessions at a building, district, or ISD level.
  • Alignment: EduPaths courses are aligned with:
    • Michigan School/District Improvement Framework
    • Content standards/benchmarks
    • ISTE, NETS, and METS
    • Learning Forward Professional Learning Standards

What does it mean for me?

Identifying professional learning opportunities is a difficult task.  Our goal is to help educators navigate and locate professional learning opportunities within EduPaths as well as additional online, blended, and in person opportunities throughout the state.  EduPaths will also provide SCECHs for course completion.  This means maximizing your time and money from the comfort of your house or classroom!

What does it cost?

Any course created for EduPaths is completely free for users.  Additional opportunities for in person, blended, and self-paced learning opportunities from educational partners list registration fees if applicable.  The cost of every opportunity will be listed in the description within EduPaths.

How are courses developed?

Courses are developed in a variety of ways:
  • Partnership with MDE:  EduPaths will create content aligned with MDE initiatives as well as hosting courses such as Michigan Continuous School Improvement (Mi-CSI), School Improvement Framework/District Improvement Framework (SIF/DIF) and others created by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE).   
  • Content Creators: Experts from across the state share expertise by preparing content for courses.  Paired with an EduPaths content creator, the course structure is then created.  
  • Partnerships with Organizations:  There is incredible expertise in Michigan.  We are highlighting partnerships with statewide organizations such as REMC, MAC, Michigan ASCD, and more by connecting their content.
  • Partnerships with Content providers

Who can develop courses?

We are looking for educators as well as organizations that understand the needs and interests of educators.  The EduPaths team of content creators is available to work with possible content creators.

How can I provide feedback about courses?

Course feedback is encouraged.  First, participants have the opportunity within each course to complete an evaluation.  Questions are designed to gather feedback on course content.  Second, the FAQ within each course has contact information for ambassadors as well as EduPaths staff.  Finally feedback can be provided through by accessing either the FAQ or the contact us page.

Please know that input from statewide organizations is welcomed when viewing courses.  Our intent is to connect content from statewide partners and create content that will support educators in Michigan.

All content is aligned with School Improvement Framework as well as MTSS framework.

Who do I contact if I want to discuss course material?

Please feel free to contact EduPaths as well as each consortium’s ambassador(s).  Please find ambassador contact information here:

How can I suggest a course?

EduPaths is looking for your feedback and suggestions!  There are multiple ways to suggest a course:
  1. Each course has it’s own unique evaluation.  If you see a need to be addressed, would like a course in greater depth, or notice a topic that is missing, please let us know via the evaluation.
  2. The contact page on has a handy way to leave us a message as well as our ambassadors who are your contacts throughout the state.   
  3. Email EduPaths directly.  We love to hear from you!

How can I get involved in developing a course?

EduPaths wrapped up summer professional development and is working to publish courses. Look for information closer to summer of 2017. 

What are plans for future courses?

Thanks to an amazing summer of professional development, EduPaths is working on publishing almost 100 courses submitted by educators throughout the state of Michigan. We are also working with statewide partnerships to create and connect additional content to support instruction and initiatives.   

How can I access my transcripts?

Users can easily access and print their transcripts within Canvas Learning Management System.  Transcripts will detail completion in two ways:  First, it will show progress through each module completed.  Once complete, the transcript will reflect as such.  Second, transcripts will be able to be viewed as progress through each pathway.

Are all EduPaths courses eligible for SCECHs?

Only courses identified as internal courses which are housed within EduPaths are available for SCECHs. Each course description lists if SCECHs are offered as well as if it is an internal or external course.

How do I apply for SCECHs?

The process of applying for SCECHs is connected to completion of courses and the WorkLog.

How do I use EduPaths for DPPD?

EduPaths may be used by Districts to allow building administrators to differentiate professional learning opportunities for District Provided Professional Development (DPPD). Please view our help documents under the resources page for the process to use EduPaths modules for DPPD.

How long are EduPaths courses?

EduPaths courses are self-paced and bite sized, averaging around an hour in length. The majority of EduPaths courses are between 30-90 minutes long. You can find the length of each course on the course details page or by using the EduPaths Pathways Planning Document.